Team Natural Personal Landing Page Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

By completing and submitting the Team Natural Personal Landing Page form, you certify that you agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

I/we (hereafter referred to as “the member”) understand that all graphics, pages, and links to pages belong to Jacob and Sarah Adamo (hereafter referred to as “Team Natural”).  The member understands that I/we may not copy any media, graphics, or text from this personal landing page for any purpose.  This page and its components are the intellectual property of Team Natural which the member rents for a one time $40 set up fee and an annual $10 maintenance fee to cover the maintenance of the member’s page, cover the costs of changing member information at the member’s request, and maintenance of seasonal/product dependent graphics, videos, and other media as required by changes in Young Living’s product offerings or Young Living’s method of operation.

The member also understands that they may not link to any other page than their Team Natural Personal Landing page, and any use of sub-pages without a subscription to a Team Natural Personal Landing page may result in un-specified sanction from Team Natural at the discretion of Team Natural.

The member understands that any personal information or testimonies shared on this personal landing page must be considered FDA compliant as a condition of the member’s use of this page.  Team Natural reserves the right to suspend without notice any user page for non-compliance with Young Living’s Distributor agreement at any time.  If a member’s page is suspended for non-compliance with FDA regulations, the member may make changes to the non-compliant information and request a re-instatement of the member page.  Re-instatement will be at the discretion of Team Natural.  No refunds will be given for page suspensions that result from violation of these terms and conditions.

Member requests for a change of personal information or biographical/testimony details may be made by emailing  Changes to the member’s Team Natural Personal Landing Page will be completed within 5 business days of receipt of the member’s email.  Team Natural will not be responsible for helping the member craft FDA compliant information.  The member may consult the Young Living provided resources in the Virtual Office for details on FDA compliant language.

The member understands that if the annual maintenance fee fails when the renewal payment is processed every 12 months from the date of first purchase, the personal landing page will be inactivated until alternate payment arrangements are made by contacting

By purchasing a Team Natural Personal Landing page and agreeing to these conditions, the member requests that Team Natural display all member provided information from this form, media, photos or personal details provided by the member on their publically available Team Natural Landing Page, and the member understands that any information they provide to be displayed on this page will be public information.  The member understands that Team Natural does not guarantee privacy of any information, media, contact links, photos on the personal landing page.  The member understands that by providing this information to be placed on this page that they disclaim any right to damages resulting from use of the Team Natural Personal Landing Page.

The member may request that the Landing Page and all future subscription fees be terminated at any time by contacting and providing the member’s Young Living Member Number and the Receipt Number from the initial setup (to ensure that no one other than the member cancel their landing page).  Please allow up to 5 business days for any terminations to be made and subscription fees stopped.  No refunds will be made for previous set up fees or prior annual maintenance fees.  No partial refunds will be given for partial years considered “unused” at the time of the termination.

Team Natural reserves the right to deny a Team Natural Personal Landing Page to any non-member of Team Natural (a Team Natural member is defined as any Young Living member in the downline of Jacob and Sarah Adamo at any level in the organization).  Team Natural also reserves the right to deny a Team Natural Member Landing Page to any individual for any reason, including for discovering that the member is an active member of a competing Essential Oil Network Marketing or Essential Oil Affiliate Marketing program or company.

Team Natural Reserves the right to modify the maintenance fee structure at any time and will notify the users of any changes a full 30 days in advance by emailing them at the email provided in their sign up form. The member must contact if they wish to opt-out of a fee schedule change and close their account before the date indicated in the email.  Charges that occur after the indicated date, but before a member notifies will be refunded at the discretion of Team Natural.