Team Natural Comeback…

Have you seen the news!?

10% off Desert Mist and Dewdrop Premium Starter Kit!

This is for current AND new members (and did you see the amazing promotion we have going below… $25… check it out). Are you running out of oils and need to restock? This is a great way to do it! Maybe you want another diffuser? This is my FAVORITE diffuser, not only does it have Candlelight mode (along with a bunch of other colors, and turning the light off), but it can run ALL NIGHT LONG and is quiet! Grabbing a starter kit is the best way to restock AND get yourself a sweet new diffuser. All this for $144!

Maybe you want a kit on hand to show your friends, you can do that too!

Have you tried the Savvy Minerals yet? I have been a fan of mineral makeup for over a decade and this is hands down my favorite. I have swapped out all of my makeup for it. If you have priced professional makeup… it is very much worth it and cheaper than many of the toxic stuff out there. It is the ONLY makeup I know of that will actually improve your skin tone the more you use it because of the awesome ingredients… one of them being kaolin clay! The more I wear it, the more refined my skin becomes. This is a great way to get started using the make up in one big swap out. All this for $135!

Getting this kit and having it on hand is also a great way to share Young Living with your friends and allow them to experience the colors first hand.

I ordered one of each to have on hand as either a flip-kit (a kit I can give someone when they sign up, so they don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail) and to show on my FB lives.

The sale details: Six different Premium Starter Kits will be offered at 10 percent off from now until May 25 at 11:59 p.m., MT. Please note that all PV will be discounted. There are no ordering limitations. The offer runs while supplies last, so hurry up and save! Want to see the details? Click HERE.

IN ADDITION to this AMAZING sale… have you seen what I’m offering?

Check it out:

Last November we as a team hit Platinum and in the spirit of authenticity, due to some unforeseen circumstances and medical emergencies (I had emergency hernia surgery and our daughter had a dental emergency, then Jacob was admitted to the hospital, and passed away 11 days later) we have not reached Platinum since. With the mounting medical bills, its even more important for our family to get back to Platinum and grow to Diamond. In honor of where we are, which is so close to Platinum once again, and how much you guys have done… I’m issuing the following challenge as a team:

It’s time for Team Natural to make a comeback  (see video HERE )

How can you help? It’s easy… you share your love of Young Living and I want to share my love with you by rewarding you. 

For EVERY person that signs up with a Premium Starter Kit (Oils, Makeup, Thieves, or Ningxia) I will send YOU (or them… if you want) either $25 cash or Product Credit, just tell me in the comments how you would like it once they sign up. 

How can you share? Share your story and then send them your sign up link: (just replace the XXXX with your member number!)

We also need to increase volume… so for every order (quick OR Essential Rewards) placed between today, the 17th and the 31st you will be entered to win one of the following:

190 to 299 PV orders entered to win a Desert Mist Diffuser! 

300+ PV orders are entered to win an ARIA diffuser! 


This challenge went into effect on the 17th and will go through the 31st. It is open to ALL of you… if you are reading this… it’s open to you.

Have you seen this month’s promotion? These products will all be added to your order automatically when you reach the levels!

Are you ready to join me in making a comeback!?

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to all of this. Want to talk about Young Living? Want to talk about what it means to do the business? Let’s set up a time to chat!