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The January 2020 Monthly Promotion is here:


☃️❄️January 2020 Promos! ❄️☃️
Happy New Year!!! Do more this January than hibernate… it’s time to THRIVE not just survive this winter!
Don a pair of YL-branded mittens and a beanie and head out doors for a day of active fun with the family. Too stormy to play outside? Then snuggle up with a cup of Cinnamon Bark Vitality tea, diffuse drops of Roman Chamomile (think calm kids with cabin fever), and take the opportunity to rest and replenish your soul. Whatever the weather, you‘ll get all this and more to help you harmonize with the season in this month’s PV promo.

300 PV

☃️YL – branded Mittens and beanie
Bid frozen fingers farewell. Button back the mitten end for fingerless gloves that keep your hand comfy while you work.
Head out in style. When you’re wearing a beanie this cute, you won’t be able to resist going outside to show it off (or share it with that beautiful lady in your life)
☃️ Clary Sage – 15 ml:
Keep calm and turn your diffuser on. A long winter and even longer to-do list call for the calming aroma of Clary Sage to diffuse the stress.
Win at winter with great hair… frizz and flyaways don’t stand a chance when you enhance your favorite conditioner with Clary Sage.
LADIES: For those long winter nights when you want to do something other than cuddle… keep everything ready to go by using a drop of this on your abdomen everyday.
☃️ Roman Chamomile – 5 ml:
Cozy up to Chamomile… bad weather doesn’t have to be a downer; its an opportunity to kick back with a good book and the sweet, apple-like scent of Roman Chamomile
Give your face a fresh start, add Roman Chamomile to your face cream and ring in a new year of healthy, glowing skin.
MAMAS… THIS is the THE oil for calming…kids… pets… husbands… THIS is one you do not want to be found without. This is your new best friend for calming all the things!!!
☃️Cinnamon Bark – 5 ml:
Warm up from the inside out. After playing outdoors with the children, cuddle up with a blanket and a mug of tea (or hot chocolate) infused with this flavorful oil
Cook up comfort, when the weather outside is frightful, indulge in something delightful, like einkorn pancakes spiced with Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil.
☃️Peppermint – limited edition 10 ml: (ESSENTIAL REWARDS EXCLUSIVE)
Chill out with a foot-rub… if your feet are cramping after a day on the slopes, dilute a drop of peppermint with 4 drops of carrier oil and get kneading.
Perk up by adding a drop to your hot chocolate or diffusing a drop with a couple drops of Tangerine (one of Gary’s favorite combos).

250 PV

☃️Clary Sage – 15 ml
☃️Roman Chamomile – 5 ml
☃️Cinnamon Bark – 5 ml

190 PV

☃️Roman Chamomile – 5 ml
☃️Cinnamon Bark – 5 ml

100 PV

Which one are you most excited about!?! I’ll be honest… I am stoked about the hat! 😅

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