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Welcome!  We’re so glad you stopped by.  We’d love to share why we use Young Living Essential Oils and how they could help you!

About Us

I am Sarah (Adamo) Steele. I have ten children, yes, you read that correctly, TEN! I lovingly refer to them as the Tremendous 10. We are a blended family. Cody and I both lost our spouses. He had 3 at home, I had 7…. 10. We got married in the spring of 2020. If you want to read our love story, head over to Facebook and search #Steelekindoflove

We LOVE our Young Living essential oils! I was introduced to the oils at a time when our attention was just starting to turn towards our family’s health and wellness, and we are so grateful that our journey led us to Young Living! We now have a deeper understanding of our health and access to natural and pure products that enable us to live vibrant and healthy lives in a toxin free environment.

Having spent quite a bit of time researching essential oil companies I was amazed and thrilled to know that we were using and representing the best on the market. With 20 years of experience and an unapologetic Seed to Seal process, Young Living was the obvious choice for us to use with our family and friends. Quality and sustainability have always been an important factor to us, and after being able to visit one of the many farms that they own and operate we were even more certain that we had made the best choice available for a company and products to work with.

At first I began to simply use the products, but as others started asking me how they too could enjoy greater wellness we did what was only natural… I shared! It started out slowly and then one day we realized that our “Thank You” check from Young Living was growing rapidly. Within a year of deciding to treat it as a business I had replaced my late husband’s J.O.B. income and he was able to come home. We were blessed to have 4 solid years with him at home before he went to be with the Lord in April 2018. We now work this business together, Cody, the kids and I, offering freedom to others. Freedom of Health and Wellness, Freedom of Finance, as well as Freedom of Time! We enjoy true Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance, and we want you to have the same!

If you have specific questions, please scroll down to the contact form and send us a message.  We will get back to you soon!


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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the “life blood of the plant,” and work similarly to how blood works in the human body. Essential oils support the plant’s wellbeing, protect it from insects, and help promote healthy plant cell function. Many of these benefits are available to us when we use genuine essential oils. They are so much more than a smell!

Download an informative essential oil factsheet HERE.

This short video will tell you more:

As you can see, genuine essential oils can be a powerful addition to a healthy lifestyle!  But with the options out there, what sets Young Living apart as the industry and quality leader?

The Young Living Quality:  The Industry Standard Bearer

With 20 years of experience, Young Living is the only company in the US to grow, harvest, distill, and test their own essential oils, allowing them to offer a superior quality essential oil to their customers through their exclusive Seed to Seal® quality commitment. Using this superior quality standard, Young Living offers essential oils, essential oil infused health and wellness products, world-class skincare, and non-toxic personal care for the whole family.

You can visit the Seed to Seal Website for additional details about how Young Living ensures the highest quality, most therapeutically active essential oils in the world.

 You'll Love Team Natural

Why get your essential oils through us?

You’ll be supported every step of the way!  As much as you need, you will have our help and the full resources of Team Natural!   We want to make sure that you get the best experience and most use from your oils that you can!

As part of the Team Natural community you will have access to:

  • Discount prices on all your Young Living purchases (24% off retail price on every order)!
  • Access to the Private Team Natural Facebook group.  Ask all your questions and get answers from other oil users any time of day or night.
  • One on one mentorship, if you wish it, to get the most out of your oil experience.
  • An online essential oils e-course designed to take you from essential oil newbie to essential oil pro in no time flat! We call this Oily Training!
  • Lots of other perks like educational phone calls, webinars, special freebie giveaways and much more!


Team Natural (for dark backgrounds)“One of the reasons I am so glad I joined Young Living with Team Natural is that I always have someone that I can talk with.  It is a nice thing to know that I can use the team’s private Facebook group to ask a question and someone will always try to help me find an answer.  I really appreciate being able to have a place to learn more and know that I’m not alone in learning how to help my use essential oils.” ~Kristen



How can you get started?

The best value is to sign up for a Wholesale Membership.  Here’s why:

  • You get the best price on the products you want (24% off retail price).
  • You can choose a Start Living Kit that contains products at an even deeper discount to get yourself started.
  • No pressure to sell products to your friends and family (in fact, no one on Team Natural will ever ask you to sell anything)!  You can feel free to just use the wholesale membership to get a discount on your own personal purchases.
  • No required monthly purchases or renewal fees.  Just keep your account active and you’ll keep it for life!

The Wholesale Membership is an amazing deal!


What are the Start Living Kit options?

These are the three Premium Start Living Kits.  They provide the best value for signing up!  98% of people who sign up for a kit pick the Premium Starter Kit with Everyday Oils, but you should pick the one that is right for you.

If you’re not sure which one would be the best option, please contact me!  I would be glad to help you decide.

Ready to get your oils?  Then go ahead and click below!

*Make sure you choose Wholesale Member to avoid paying Retail prices.
**Once you finish signing up, click here to get your Team Natural Resources.

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Tell me more about Essential Rewards!

Essential Rewards is the optional loyalty program for members who are purchasing regularly.   If you have a long “oil wish-list” you may want to sign up for Essential Rewards right when you register with Young Living.  But if you want to wait until later, you may join Essential Rewards, free of charge, at any time in the future.

Are there any order specials this month?

Click Here to See this month's order specialsYes, every month there are order specials.  Click on the icon on the left to be taken to this month’s current specials (make sure to hit the back button to return to this page when you are ready to sign up).

The first level of order freebie is available at 190 PV (point value).  You will have 100PV automatically if you purchase a premium starter kit.  Then you simply add 90PV in other products to receive the free product described on the Order Special page.

When you order your Premium Starter Kit, it is a great idea to add a few other individual products that you are interested in trying to reach this free product threshold.    That way you have both your basics and some

There are also free products available at 250PV and 300PV.  These bonuses are described on the Order Special Page.  For more detailed questions, please contact us through the contact form above.



How do I get access to the essential oil e-course and Team Natural Facebook group, and other team resources?

Oily Training GraphicMake sure you click this link and fill out the form to get this information delivered to your email inbox.

Make sure to include your new member number that you received when you finished your account registration.  You can also find your member number in the email you received from Young Living.

Once you’ve filled out the form you should receive your Team Natural Welcome email within 2 business days.  If you haven’t received it by then, make sure to check your junk or spam folders.

Can I really just use this wholesale account for my own purchases?

Yes. No one will ever pressure you to do anything more.  Enjoy your discount and all the team benefits!

Do I have to get a Premium Starter Kit to get a wholesale membership?

No, there is a Basic Starter Kit that you can choose, but they do not contain the Everyday Essential Oils Kit, and may not qualify you for certain sign-up promos.  They do, however, qualify you for the 24% member discount on all of your future purchases!  You can find more details on the sign-up page.

Do I need to buy every month/are there purchase minimums?

No.  You can buy what you want, when you want.  It only takes one purchase of 50pv (approx. $50 before tax/shipping) in a 12 month period to keep your wholesale membership account active for the next 12 months.  You’ll probably use up your favorites long before your account ever lapses, so you can just buy what you want when you need it, no strings attached!

If you find that you are purchasing every month anyway, there is an option called Essential Rewards that lets you earn a percentage back on your purchases and the option of discounted shipping.  But it is optional, and is meant for those who would like to order regularly.

Can I shop other products before I sign up?

Click Here to See a Product Catalog

Of course!  Young Living offers hundreds of quality products that you may want to add to your premium starter kit purchase.  You can investigate these products and see the savings that you will get with your new wholesale membership account.

You can view a product catalog and price list to make your selections before you return to this page to complete your account registration.

If you have any questions about potential product uses, please make sure to contact the member who sent you to this page.  There should be a contact form for you to fill out above.

Can I sign up for a Wholesale Membership without giving my Social Security number?

Young Living graciously allows anyone who wants to have a discount to use the wholesale membership account for their personal usage.  However, because there is always a potential for a person with a wholesale membership to earn money by sharing Young Living, the IRS requires YL to collect a tax ID number to keep on file.  If you don’t share and get a check, this information will never be used, and the information will be stored in secure servers in accordance to national business standards.

However, we understand that some people would prefer not to give out their Social Security numbers, even though it is securely stored by Young Living.  The IRS allows you to get an EIN in minutes for free that you can use in place of your SSN when registering.  To get an EIN to use instead of your Social, you can click through to this link and the IRS will issue you a number you can use when you set up your Young Living account.  Most people select the sole-proprietor option when they request their EIN.

You may also choose to register for a retail membership if you prefer.  There is an option for everyone!

*This page contains affiliate links.  This is my home based business and every purchase through my link benefits me, but you still pay the same low price.  Thank you so much for  your business!