Cyber Monday Deals!!!

 These amazing deals go LIVE on Monday November 27th at 8 AM Mountain (10 EST, 9 CST, 7 PST) !

15% off of the Following:

✔️NingXia Red 4 Pack
✔️NingXia Red 2 Pack
✔️NingXia Red Packets – 30 ct.
✔️NingXia ZYNG
✔️NingXia NITRO
✔️Lime Vitality
✔️Cinnamon Bark Vitality
✔️Peppermint Vitality


You can order ONE of each of the NingXia Products listed above and then you will receive a FREE Red Shot❗ essential oil blend with EVERY individual NingXia item you purchase (so the Red 2 pack, Red 4 pack, Red Packets, Nitro, Zyng each count as one) for a whopping grand total of FIVE bottles of Red Shot!!! ??? Did I mention you CANNOT buy it by itself EVER?!

This offer is QUICK ORDER ONLY!

?No limits on the 3 Vitality oils! ?

?BONUS? when you order all 5 of those NingXia Products, your order will be 302PV… which means if you have not already gotten your FREE FRANKINCENSE… you will get that… and 15 ml PINE, Glass Ornament, and Eucalyptus Radiata (limit TWO monthly promos per month, one quick, one Essential Rewards)

?BONUS NUMBER TWO? with any quick order of 100pv, Jacob and I will give you $10 back in cash or in product credit.

With any quick order of 250pv or more, we will pay for your ground shipping with either cash or product credit, your choice!

Plus, each person that enrolls a new member from now until the end of the month is entered to win a $20 product credit for themselves AND one for their new team member!!! You will earn 1 entry to win for every person enrolled (or reactivated) with a Premium Starter Kit! Need help with that? Message us back!


Want some more info? Check out why Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton calls NingXia Red the BOMB dot com.


Then head over to Team Natural on Facebook and join in on the fun that going down regarding this sweet promo!

With that said…. RUN and start filling up your cart at with all this oily goodness!!!