Abundance Challenge

As we close out 2017 we would like you to join with us as we Release anything negative that happened in 2017 and move into 2018 with Abundance!

To do that we are joining together to do The Abundance Challenge! The main focus of this challenge is for you to set your own goal or intention (for the month of January) and to join in by reading through the Abundance Statements (non-religious version can be found HERE) and applying your oils each and every day. We will be joining in together to set goals, release negative patterns and come up with our own individual affirmations! So join in the fun, no matter what your goals are (personal, weight loss, financial, business, etc.) we can all join in and encourage one another this month.


What are you going to need to have on hand to do this Challenge with us in January?

Ideally you would want to have Abundance (item #3300) and Release (item #3408) on hand to do this challenge. If you already have them, awesome, you can use them! If you want to order them, there is still time to do that before this month ends as long as you choose Ground or expedited shipping. Now that the Christmas rush is settling down, you should be able to have them by the first week of January.

The OTHER option would be to order little sample rollers from us. We are offering an Abundance Challenge Kit for $8. Included will be 2 mini rollers, 1 of each blend containing 10 drops of each oil diluted in Grapeseed Oil, as well as a leather diffuser bracelet and a copy of the Abundance Statements you will want to read each day. You can purchase your Kit by clicking HERE. Please put the address where you would like the kit to be sent in the “comments”. If you do not have Paypal, please message Sarah on FB so she can get you an invoice.

We are going to start this challenge by going through a session of AFT (the Aroma Freedom Technique created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus) via Zoom on Thursday January 4th at 7 PM Mountain, 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 6 PM Pacific (https://zoom.us/j/979165131).  This technique is going to help us remove those negative thought patterns we have and help us move towards our goals for 2018 (whatever those may be, personal goals, weight loss, financial goals, business goals, etc.).  All you will need to go through this with us is Lavender, Stress Away, and Frankincense. It will help to also have Release or Inner Child and Believe or Transformation on hand as well.

We wanted to do this as a team because we know that everyone has different goals for the New Year, but this is one way that we can come together, get rid of what is holding back, and move forward into the New Year with a renewed vision and plan!


The second week we have special guest and Olympic Gold Medalist Bryan Clay coming to speak to our team about Redemption and how someone on a dark and hopeless path can move forward with hope and succeed at something so unlikely as becoming an Olympic Athlete and going on to win a Gold Medal! He is a husband to Sarah Clay and together they have 3 children. He will be speaking LIVE in Team Natural on Facebook on January 9th at 7 PM Mountain, 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 6 PM Pacific.




We are so excited to announce that Royal Crown Diamonds Echo and Danny Hill will be coming to speak to our team LIVE on Team Natural in Facebook January 18th at 2 PM Mountain (3 Central, 4 Eastern, 1 Pacific) about their journey with Young Living and just how far they have come. The creators of The RHINOlution, they are from small town Texas and are Royal Crown Diamonds in Young Living Essential Oils. They live their life with the “RhinoUP, Charge Ahead” mentality everyday. They both came from rough upbringings, and have used that their entire life to be stronger, tougher, and more faith-filled than most. They believe that struggles produce strength, and when you hear their stories, you’ll understand more of why. They love helping others, whether it’s business or personal growth. Their hearts lead them to share the good, the bad, and the ugly, but always showing people there is always a positive during the storm.




The rest of the month we will be posting encouraging messages and even meeting up Live for those who are interested so that we can encourage one another and continue on our journeys together.

Throughout the month we encourage you to print off the Abundance Statements (non-religious version can be found HERE), then DAILY apply Abundance Essential Oil Blend to your bracelet and breathe it in as you read through the statements OUT LOUD, so you can see them AND hear them (we recommend doing this FIRST THING in the morning). We left the last few lines blank so that you can add your own statements. Not sure what to write? That’s ok, we’re here to help you solidify your intentions as we walk through this process together.


Are you ready to start 2018 with Abundance?


Comment in the POST in Team Natural so we know you are taking part!